Elisa Emboss Stamp Set
Elisa Emboss Stamp Set
$58.00 SGD

Elisa Emboss Stamp Set

Looking to personalise something in a more permanent manner? Embossing is a quick and fast way to go! 

The Letter Box Co will assist you to customise and personalise your emboss stamp :)

Our Elisa Emboss Stamp Set includes: 
  • 1 customised emboss stamp (Design to be provided by you or request for our catalog of default designs to choose from!)
  • 1 translucent emboss stamp box
  • 40 stickers [10 x strips of 4] (Available in gold, red or silver at an additional cost of $5)

Product specifications & measurements

Length of Emboss Stamp: 12cm
Height of Emboss Stamp: 13cm

Do note that the diameter of the embossed design on paper/sticker measures 4cm, and the depth of the emboss to the edge of your surface measures 3.8cm (ie. The edge of the stamp should be at or below 3.8cm). 
Upon placing your order and making payment for this emboss stamp, kindly email us at hello@theletterboxco.com and send/indicate the following:
  • Your desired stamp head design OR request for our catalog of default designs to choose from